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Help 1 .5 Year old Aayush to win his battle against Urinary Bladder Cancer

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“We both were extremely happy when Aayush was born and soon after we did not even overcome with that joy and happines of a birth of baby boy in our family, the complete world changed for us. He could not speak of his pain but everytime he use to pee ,he felt tremendous pain and when we took him to the doctor in our village ,we were shocked to know that he is suffering from cancer in his bladder. We were shocked and terrified with this news and soon we moved to Aiims, Delhi for his treatment. We just wish that all his pain ends soon and soon we become a happy family again”

Ashok Kumar Mahto (Father)

Aayush had a tumor in urinary bladder and he tumor was removed in March this year and there after he was advised to undergo repeated cycle of chemotherapy for complete cure from cancer. Condition of Aayush is deteriorating because blood is passing from his urine everytime he urinates which causes him tremendous and unbearable pain and excessive blood loss.He has been living on medications which are very costly and total estimate for his remaining treatment is 1 Lac.

Parents of Aayush are from Jharkhand and requested our organisation to help their only child. His father is a daily wage labour who has no source of income now since he moved to Delhi for treatment of their only child and can not afford the expenses of his treatment.

Your contribution will save the life of a poor child and your valuable gift for Aayush will always make him remember that he should also help others in the time of need.Kindly support Aayush with your contribution.

Below attached is the case fie of Master Aayush Verma. Please go through his case file for better understanding on his case.

“We have already spent a lot of money on our child’s treatment with the help of our relatives. But the prolonged hospital situation has now put us in a condition where we had no choice left but to turn towards you all for help. Aayush is a joyful kid, he has so much to live for. We want to see her happy and fit. Please help us.” — Ashok Kumar Mahto (Father)

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50% Tax Exemption under 80(G)

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AIIMS - New Delhi


AIIMS - New Delhi