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Help Ekta battle against Tuberculous Meningitis (Brain TB)



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Ekta is suffering from Tuberculous meningitis. It is the most severe form of infection of the tissues, covering the brain and spinal cord, causing death or disability in more than half of those affected. But she is fighting hard. Just within 3 months, Ekta’s head started to swell and it was found out that water was accumulating in her brain.

The Doctor said that the Brain infection can cause her blindness, deafness or it could affect her speech. We just wish that all his pain ends soon and soon we become a happy family again”

Ekta’s (Parents)

Ekta, A Young girl is fighting hard to overcome Brain TB for 3 months . She was a 11th class student with a huge aspiration to become an IPS officer But while completing her final exams of her 11th class she got a sudden stroke and was partially Blind . She was diagnosed with brain tuberculosis, which caused her to lose her ability to speak, sense, and move. She has been struggling a lot to overcome her disease but this is a very vital stage as she needs urgent treatment.

We have attached his medical file which consists of his medical diagnosis reports, recent reports and latest prescriptions provided by the hospital. Please take out some time to go through the case details and make a generous contribution to save his life.

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50% Tax Exemption under 80(G)

Medical Documents:


AIIMS - New Delhi


AIIMS - New Delhi